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Your shelves could be worth thousands, but not when they’re empty.

Keep track of product consumption in real time, and increase your annual turnover by up to 25% (without costly capacity expansion and risky marketing campaigns).

If you have real-time stock monitoring, you will no longer have empty shelves or failing marketing campaigns

Here’s an inconvenient truth about your drinks coolers: statistically speaking a quarter of the shelves are empty, and you don’t even know about it.

They simply aren’t refilled, because the consumption isn’t being noticed.

We know this number, because we build big-data based consumption tracking systems, which measure and predict consumption in real time, and by doing so, help prevent revenue loss from empty shelves.

This revenue loss can be gigantic: you may have wasted tens of thousands of euro promoting products which never reached your shelves in sufficient quantities. The revenue loss can be tens of thousands, but the damage to your brand can be even more.

With the MasterShelf drinks cooler monitoring system, you can increase your annual income by up to 25% without having to spend a single cent more on marketing or new distribution channels.

It’ll be like you increased your number of coolers by 25%.

By the end of this page, you’ll have just one question: ’How do we get the MasterShelf into our coolers?’.

A priceless engineering solution

The MasterShelf drinks cooler monitoring system tracks the cooler’s status 24/7 and sends real time status reports to the computer or smartphone of the assigned employee.

The system processes the data collected from the counters of the spring-loaded stock pushers, and with the help of large sample data analysis, makes evaluations and projections for sales, trade and brand marketing, and operation.

Access to this kind of data leads to more efficient work organisation, improved competitiveness and a steep rise in ROI, while decreasing expenses.

How can you increase your sales revenue by up to 25% without having to buy more fridges?

Here’s how the system works:

We connect industrial sensors and a communication device to the German manufactured ‘FlexRoller’ stock pushers.
The raw data from the fridge is sent to virtual servers, where monitoring and visualisation software stores and evaluates the information they receive.
Metal dividers are attached to the frictionless roller base of each facing. Dividers protect the electronic parts, and steel spring-loaded stock pushers [more information…]
Metal dividers are attached to the frictionless roller base of each facing. Dividers protect the electronic parts, and steel spring-loaded stock pushers are equipped with a retainer for quick and efficient distribution.

Basic installation


If we take a normal example of 6 shelves with 9 facings per shelf, one cooler has the potential for 54 individual products. But this is just the surface.
MOHAnet’s unique communication gateway, iMachine, is already at work under the hood and sends the data from the discreetly hidden industrial sensors to the cloud every fraction of a second. [more information…]
MOHAnet’s unique communication gateway, iMachine, is already at work under the hood and sends the data from the discreetly hidden industrial sensors to the cloud every fraction of a second. In the cloud, the monitoring system receives, evaluates and analyses the data.
Not only does the software send notifications and generate statistical data flow, it’s also capable of displaying this information visually with the help of a unique control panel. You will always know what’s going on in your cooler.

What does this mean in practice?

The MasterShelf system enables immediate intervention if the number of products in a cooler drops drastically, but also:


  • It makes a suggestion as to the ideal way a shelf should look (thus continuously making the shelves more profitable based on the data) – the system performs analysis that would previously have been tiresome manual work.
  • It shows the true business potential of each unit (you don’t have to make business decisions based on inaccurate numbers or intuition: you will see exactly where to place more coolers).
  • It indicates the commitment level of the operating partner.

What else is the MasterShelf drinks cooler monitoring system capable of?

  • It monitors the stock consumption and refill (or lack thereof) per unit in real time.
  • It can tell how many times the cooler door was opened and the system immediately alerts you if the doors are left open or closed for an extended period of time (this helps to avoid human error).
  • The software notifies you if a light goes out in the cooler or if the machine is switched on or off (if a cooler fails, you can fix it faster).
  • It monitors power supply, internal temperature and energy consumption (important service information!).
Your coolers can also do this! Contact us to find out more.

This is why our stock monitoring system is indispensible

Real time consumption tracking helps make everyday work easier, more manageable and more efficient.

The big-data based analysis done by the software, will be an immeasurable help in executing the strategic goals of your business.

Imagine, that after implementing the system, the results of local, regional or domestic promotions and marketing campaigns become accurately measurable. A slight exaggeration: it’d be as if you installed an offline Google Analytics to your cooler.

Imagine, that you can finally base your decision on real statistical data before making new annual deals; you can go to meetings knowing precisely how much each partner actually sold.

Imagine, the edge you will have in developing a new cooler strategy, planogram or even facing, compared to the competition who don’t have consumption tracking data as accurate as yours.

We are engineers, but also businesspeople, who are aware that in the right hands this information is priceless.

We are ready to make your drinks coolers smart and your business even more competitive, helping you increase your annual revenue by up to 25%.

If you want to enter the future, contact us here.

Universal technology, unique manufacturing process:
from the initial offer until installation

The mechanics, electronics and information technology that make up the MOHAnet stock monitoring system is always based on the same logic. However, we know that no two chillers or shelves are the same, so the production process is always tailored to the customer, that is, to your needs and the cooler specifications.

So, in 5 simple steps, your coolers can have our smart stock monitoring system:

STEP 1: personal meeting
After completing the contact form, we will organise a personal meeting with you within a week, where we will show you how the system works, discuss the challenges, reveal the hidden issues and show you solutions.

During the meeting, either at MOHAnet’s showroom or your premises, we’ll present a shelf with the smart stock monitoring system, so you can see the technology in action and we can answer any questions you may have.

STEP 2: unique cooler, unique price
If you’re convinced by the system and decide you want to increase your annual revenue by up to 25% in one of your coolers, then all you have to do is deliver a sample refrigerator to us.

The cooler is dismantled by our engineers, then re-assembled. They document the individual dimensions of mechanical and electronic components and determine their installation time.

This is because every drinks cooler has unique specifications (number of shelves, depth, height, length, etc.), and requires a unique production process. Therefore, we always tailor the project to your refrigerator.

The unique quote will be compiled within 2 weeks of when we receive the refrigerator.

STEP 3: manufacturing samples
After the quotation, we draw up a contract for the pilot project, during which 5 coolers (i.e. 5 samples) are produced.

The mechanical and electronic elements are modeled and manufactured based on the tailor-made parameters. (That’s why it’s important for MOHAnet’s engineers to map the individual features of the cooler before the contract.)

At this stage, our engineers produce all the parts manually and individually. Later, during production, the same thing is done by workers and robots working on production lines.

The production of sample coolers takes 2 months.

STEP 4: testing the system
The sample coolers are provided with a unique code during the assembly. After installing the sample coolers, we will “connect you” with our unique stock monitoring system that can be tested rigorously for 2 months after delivery.

There is a unique code for each refrigerator type, that is necessary if you have given us the green light to start serial production following a successful test: You just tell us the unique code of coolers you want, and MOHAnet will produce the required quantity.

STEP 5: serial production
If the test is a success and you’re satisfied with the final result, then serial production can begin based on the unique code provided.

It’s important that a refrigerator has a unique code, because design and manufacturing are 100% tailor-made, and we need to start a new pilot project for each new cooler type. This significantly reduces the risk (there’s no commitment to invest in a large volume) and all of your refrigerators will be equipped with a completely unique and reliable system that has been proven in the test run.

“When will my smart coolers be ready for battle?”

Depending on the number of units, the process takes about 3-4 months: 9 to 11 weeks for manufacturing and assembly, and 6 weeks for shipping, as some of the production is carried out overseas.

This means that you will need approximately 8 months from first contact, to when you want to set up your MOHAnet drinks cooler monitoring system – so, hurry up if you plan to increase your annual revenue by up to 25% next year!

The smart cooler is just the beginning – stock monitoring everywhere

The MasterShelf system can be installed in all spring-loaded pusher shelves.

What other products can you achieve up to 25% increase in sales if you install MOHAnet’s unique stock monitoring system in your shelves?

  • Beer, wine, refreshments
  • Food, sweets
  • Tobacco products
  • Cosmetics, perfume
  • Components, DIY equipment

And virtually any other product that can be placed on a shop shelf.

You outline the challenge, and we’ll develop an engineering solution for you that will help you say goodbye to the empty shelves and increase your yearly revenue drastically, without capacity expansion or building new sales channels.

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Track your sales in real-time and increase your annual revenue by up to 25%, without costly capacity expansion and risky marketing campaigns.
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